Curriculum Vitae

Lauren L. Martin

Lecturer in Human Geography

Durham University

Department of Geography

Academic Positions

2016-current: Lecturer in Human Geography, Department of Geography, Durham University, Durham, UK.

Reviews Editor, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (starting March 2016).

2013-2015 Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Geography, University of Oulu, Finland.

2011-2013 Postdoctoral Researcher, Mobilities, Borders & Identities Research Group, Department of Geography, University of Oulu, Finland.


Education and Qualifications

2015 Docent/Adjunct Lecturer in Human and Political Geography, Department of Geography, University of Oulu.

2011    PhD in Geography,  Department of Geography, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.

2007   Certificate in Women’s Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies Program, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.

2005    M.A. in Geography, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.

2001        B.A. in Philosophy, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa.


Honors and Awards

2014-2019 Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence. €3 million. “RELATE: The
Relational and Territorial Politics of Bordering, Identities and Transnationalization,” 2014–2019. Principle Investigator: Professor Anssi Paasi. (Grant Development, Interviewee, Team member).

2013 Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher Project. 245,440EU. “Privatizing Border Enforcement in the European Union and United States.” 1 September, 2013 – 31 August, 2016.

2010 Association of American Geographers Graduate Student Affinity Group Student Paper Competition, Second Place.

2009-2010 Dissertation Year Fellowship. The Graduate School, University of Kentucky: $16,000. (Competitive.)

2008 National Science Foundation, Geography and Regional Science. $9,504. Project: “Doctoral Dissertation Research: Immigrant Family Detention: The Family, Law, Security, and Space in U.S. Immigration Policy and Practice.”  BCS 0825843.  Funded from August 1, 2008 to January 31, 2010. (Competitive.)

2008 Graduate Student Academic Year Fellowship, Department of Geography, University of Kentucky: $7,500.

2008 CGES Fellow, Trans-Atlantic Summer Institute, University of Minnesota.

2008  Dissertation Enhancement Award, University of Kentucky: $3,000 (Competitive.)

2007-2008 Presidential Fellowship, The Graduate School, University of Kentucky: $15,000. (Competitive.)

2004-2006 Daniel Reedy Achievement Award, The Graduate School, University of Kentucky: $3,000 per year. (Competitive.)



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*Denotes equal authorship.

Special Issues and Themed Sections

2015. with Oliver Belcher, Martina Tazzioli, Guest Editors. “Border Struggles: Epistemologies, Ontologies, Politics.” darkmatter Volume 12.

2015  with Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola, Jarkko Saarinen, Kaj Zimmerbauer, Guest Editors.  “Geographies of regions, borders, and identity.” Nordia Geographical Publications . 44:4.

2012    Chris Harker and Lauren Martin, Guest Editors. “Theme issue: Familial relations: spaces, subjects, and politics.” Environment and Planning A, 44(4)

Peer Reviewed

2015.  Noncitizen Family Detention: Spatial Strategies of Migrant Precarity in US Immigration and Border Patrol.” Annales de Géographie special issue on “Géographie de l’enfermement” (Geographies of Confinement). Guest Editors Marie Morelle and Djemila Zeneidi. 702-703: 231-247.

2014.  with Anna Secor.* “Towards a Post-mathematical Topology?” Progress in Human Geography, 38(3): 420-438.

2014.  “Accounting for the familial: discourse, practice and political possibility.” (Peer-reviewed editorial) ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, 13(3):457-462.

2013.   with Oliver Belcher.* “Ethnographies of Closed Doors: Conceptualizing Openness and Closure in US Immigration and Military Institutions.” Area special issue on “Field Methods in ‘Closed Contexts’: Undertaking research in authoritarian states and places.” Guest Editor: Natalie Koch. 45(4): 403-410.

2012. with Chris Harker .* “Guest Editorial: Familial relations: Spaces, Subjects, and Politics.” Environment and Planning A. 44(4): 768-775.

2012. “Governing through the Family: Struggles over US Noncitizen Family Detention Policy.” Environment and Planning A. 44(4): 866-888.

2012. ” ‘Catch and Remove’: Detention, Deterrence, and Discipline in US Noncitizen Family Detention Practice.” Geopolitics. 17(2): 312-334.

2012. with Tad Mutersbaugh. “Dialectics of Disassembly: hiefer-care protocols and alienation in a village dairy cooperative.” Environment and Planning A. 44(3): 723-740.

2011.  “The Geopolitics of Vulnerability: Migrant Families in U.S. Immigrant Family Detention Policy.” Gender, Place, & Culture. 18(4): 477-498. **Currently available to download for free from the journal website**

2010.  “Bombs, Bodies, and Biopolitics: Securitizing the Subject at the Airport Security Checkpoint.” Social & Cultural Geography, 11(1): 17-34.

2009. with Matthew Mitchelson.* “Geographies of Detention and Confinement: Interrogating Spatial Practices of Confinement, Discipline, Law, and State Power.”Geography Compass, 3(1): 459-477. (Invited article.)

2008. with Stephanie Simon.* “A Formula for Disaster: The Department of Homeland Security’s Virtual Ontology.” Space and Polity. 12(3): 281-296.

2008. with Oliver Belcher, Anna Secor, Stephanie Simon, Tommy Wilson.* “Everywhere and Nowhere: The Exception and the Topological Challenge to Geography.”Antipode, 40 (5): 499-503.

2005. with Laura Gomez Tovar, Manuel Angel Gomez Cruz, Tad Mutersbaugh. “Certified Organic Agriculture in Mexico: Market Connections & Certification Practices in Large and Small Producers,”Journal of Rural Studies, 21(4): 461-474.


Book Chapters

2015. “Family Detention, Law, and Geopolitics in US Immigration Enforcement Policy.” in Geographies of Children and Young People: Conflict, Violence, and Peace. Edited by Christopher Harker, Kathrin Horschelmann, and Tracy Skelton. SpringerMeteor Publishers.

2015. “Security.” in Wiley Blackwell Companion to Political Geography. Edited by John Agnew, Virginie Mamadouh, Anna Secor, Joanne Sharp. Pages 100-113.

2013. “Getting out and getting in: Legal Geographies of US Immigration Detention,” in   Carceral Spaces: Mobility and Agency in Imprisonment and Migrant Detention, Edited by Domiique Moran, Nick Gill, and Deirdre Conlon. Surrey, UK: Ashgate Publishing. Pp. 149-166.

2012. with Bob Libal and Nicole Porter.* “A Prison is Not a Home: Notes from the Campaign to End Immigrant Family Detention.” In  Beyond Walls and Cages: Prisons, Borders, and Global Crisis. Edited by Andrew Burridge, Jenna Loyd, and Matt Mitchelson. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press. pp. 253-265.

2011 “Constructing the Border Wall–The Social and Environmental Impacts of Border Mexico-US  Border Policy,” In Stanley D. Brunn (Ed.) Engineering Earth: The Impacts of Megaengineering Projects.  Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer Science+Business Media, pp. 1701-1723. 

Books Reviews, Interviews, Op-eds

2015.  with Martina Tazzioli. “Border Struggles: Epistemologies, Ontologies, Politics.” Introduction to Special Issue on “Border Struggles” for darkmatter Volume 12.

2015. with  Evelin Kask. “Deportation and the Dispossession of Time.” Photo essay for special issue of darkmatter on “Border Struggles.”

2015. “Book Review: Amoore, Louise. Politics of Possibility.” PhiloSOPHIA 5(2) November, 2015.

2015. “Spatial Questions: Cultural Topologies and Social Spatialisations. By Rob Shields. London: SAGE. 2013. 197 pp. £27.99/$52. ISBN: 9781848606654.” cultural geographies, 22(3): 549-550. DOI: 10.1177/1474474014542749.

2015. with Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola, Jarkko Saarinen, Kaj Zimmerbauer. “Regions, borders and identity in a relational and territorial world.” Nordia Geographical Publications 44(4): 1-4.

2014. “Book Review: Basaran, Tugba. Security, Law and Borders: At the Limits of Liberties. Abingdon: Routledge, 2011; 145 pp.” Progress in Human Geography 38(2): 330-1.

2013. “Spatial Orders, Porous Confinements, and the Role of Critique.” Available here.

2013. “The Politics of Detaining Families.” Available here

2012. “Review essay. Detaining noncitizens: law, security, crime and politics” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 30(4): 748 – 755.

2010.  with Bob Libal* Devastated then Detained: Will the US Incarcerate Haitians at Gitmo?” Huffington Post, January 27, 2010. 

2010. “Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times. Jasbir K. Puar. Durham: Duke University Press, 2007. xxviii and 335pp., $24.95 paperback (ISBN 978-0-8223-4114-7).”  Annals of the Association of American Geographers,  100(3): 707-709.

2007. “Interrogating ‘Experience’: Phenomenology, Architecture, and Erudition. disClosure interviews Mark Jarzombek.” disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory, 16: 91-99.

2007. “Book Review: Butler, Judith. 2004. Precarious Life: the Powers of Mourning and Violence. Verso, New York, NY.” disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory, 16: 143-145.


Extra-curricular Teaching & Applied Research Experience

2008-2010 Scholar-in Residence, Grassroots Leadership.

2008-2009 Consulting Geographer: “We Give Up,” Directed by Maureen Towey, Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York City, New York.


Teaching Interests

Contemporary Global Issues, Migration and Mobility, Latin America, Global Cities, Borders, Gender, Nationalism, Security.


Research Presentations (selected)

Keynote Lectures

2015. “Mobile Borders and Bordered Mobilities” at the Helsinki Sasakawa Young Leader’s Fellowship Fund Workshop, “People, Spaces, and Identities in Movement.” University of Helsinki, Finland. 25 August, 2015.


Guest Lectures

2015. “Europe’s Detention Landscape” in “Latino Migrations and Asylum” instructed by Dr. Alfonso Gonzales, University of Texas, Austin. 15 April, 2015.

2014. “Whose Border is it? Understanding the Privatization of Border Security,” public lecture, in National PhD Course in Political Geography at Umeå University, 4-5 December, 2014.  

2013. “Border topologies: Law, Territory, Security.” Colloquium in the Department of Cultural Geography, Bayreuth, Germany. Delivered 5 November, 2013.

2013. “Challenging Detention.” Presentation delivered February 1, 2013 at “Supporting Detainees,” Part 1 of ESRC Seminar Series “Exploring Everyday Practice and Resistance in Immigration Detention.” Coordinator: Nick Gill, University of Exeter.

2012. “Add Borders and Stir: Reflections on Internationalization, English, and Empire.” November 21, 2013. Northern Finland Geographical Society, University of Oulu.

2011. “Detention, Security, and Biopolitics in US Immigrant Family Detention Policy.” Colloquium in the Geography Department, University of Oulu, November 10, 2011.


2015. “Borders and Border-Crossings,” Department of Geography, University of Oulu. 21 May, 2015. (Organizer)

2015. “Methodologies for the Liminal, the Excluded, and the Mobile,” RELATE Centre of Excellence, University of Tampere, Finland. 6-7 October, 2015. (Organizer, Participant)

Organized Conference Sessions

2015. “Border to Border: Challenging Enforcement, Militarism, and Securitization.” April 23, 2015. Annual Association of American Geographers Conference, Chicago, IL.

 with Andrew Burridge, Austin Kocher. “Enforcing Borders, Controlling Immigration I, II.” April 24, 2015. Annual Association of American Geographers Conference, Chicago, IL.

2013. “Topologies and (Counter)topographies: Theorizing Relationality.” April 13, 2013. Annual Association of American Geographers Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

2011. “Rethinking Borders.” October 28, 2011. Annual Finnish Geographers Conference, University of Turku, Turku, Finland.

2011. with Anna Secor. “The Exception, the Rule, and the Project of Geography.” August 19, 2011. International Conference of Critical Geography, Frankfurt Germany.

2011. with Nancy Hiemstra. “Imprisonment and Mobility: Migration-Related Detention IV, V, VI.” April 15-16, 2011. Annual Association of American Geographers Conference, Seattle, WA.

Research Presentations

2015. “Bordered Mobilities and Legal Territories.” August 24, 2015. RELATE Centre of Excellence Workshop “Territory’s Continuing Allure.” University of Oulu, Finland.

2015. “Bodies and Bedspace: Conceptualizing the Privatization of Border Enforcement.” April 24, 2015. Annual Association of American Geographers Conference, Chicago, IL.

2014.“Migration, Law, and Territory: A Topological Approach to Bordering.” September 11, 2014. RELATE Centre of Excellence Workshop “Border Struggles: Epistemologies, Ontologies, Politics,” University of Oulu, Finland.

2013.  “Detention and the Production of Migrant Precarity.” October 19, 2013. Conference on Confinement Viewed Through The Prism Of The Social Sciences: Contrasting Facilities, Confronting Approaches, Bordeaux, France.

2013. “Neither Out nor In: Topological borders and contemporary immigration controls.” April 10, 2013. Annual Association of American Geographers Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

2011. “Assembling Borders: Conceptualizing the US Detention and Deportation System.” October 28, 2011. Annual Finnish Geographers Conference, University of Turku, Turku, Finland.

2011. “Expedited Removal, Habeas Corpus and Home Raids: Time, Space, and Discretion in US Immigration Enforcement Policy.” June 4, 2011. Law and Society Association Conference, San Francisco, CA.

 2011. “Domesticating Detention, Securitizing the Home: Contested Imaginaries of Immigrant Family Detention Policy and Practice.” April 15, 2011. Annual Association of American Geographers Conference, Seattle, WA.

2011. “Sisyphean protocols and the dialectics of disassembly: heifer- care, encounter value, and alienation.” February 19, 2011. Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.